Laser Scanning

ANAX ITG BIM & Terrestrial laser scanning Team

Laser Scanning is a highly accurate and efficient technology that is widely used in a variety of projects, including construction, BIM, and 3D modeling. By using laser beams to capture detailed data on surfaces and structures, allows us to creat of highly precise 3D models that can be used for a range of applications.

Laser Scanning is a critical component in the creation of Digital Twins.These digital twins can be used for a variety of purposes, such as predictive maintenance, asset management, and virtual testing.In construction projects, Laser Scanning can be used to create accurate as-built models, allowing for improved project planning and management. BIM applications can benefit from the use of Laser Scanning by allowing for improved clash detection and coordination, reducing errors and rework. Additionally, Laser Scanning is used in 3D modeling and visualization projects to create detailed and realistic representations of real-world environments.

Laser Scanning has also become increasingly important in the maintenance and management of infrastructure assets such as bridges and buildings, where accurate data is critical for effective decision making. With the ability to capture millions of data points in a matter of minutes, Laser Scanning is a powerful tool that is rapidly changing the way we approach construction and engineering projects.