Consultancy Services

Drawing On Our Business | Enhancing Value | Successful Delivery


  • Project Management
Our Project Management service ensures your construction projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality. With our experienced team at the helm, we navigate through the complexities of construction projects, coordinating all aspects to deliver successful outcomes.

  • Commercial Management
Our Commercial Management service is designed to maximise your construction business’s profitability. We provide strategic financial advice, manage contractual agreements, and identify new market opportunities, driving your business growth and success in the construction industry.

  • Risk Management
Our Risk Management service helps safeguard your construction business against potential threats. We identify, assess, and prioritise risks specific to the construction industry, and implement strategies to mitigate their impact. With us, you can confidently navigate your business journey, knowing you’re protected against unforeseen challenges.

  • Procurement process management
Our Procurement Process Management service streamlines your procurement processes, ensuring you get the best value from your supplier relationships. We manage all stages, from supplier selection and contract negotiation to performance review, helping you secure quality construction materials and services at the best prices.

Drawing On Our Business

This means that our consultancy teams can obtain well rounded support from our core engineering DNA creating advice for our customers that suits the needs and aligns with the local culture and community. We have the vision, full range of skills and expertise, and the application and appetite to create value for our clients.

Enhancing Value

We believe a good and a strong market-tailored approach to the project life cycle adds value. This translates to projects being well managed, within schedule, mitigated risks and on budget  that help to improve the local neighbourhood, standing the test of time and leaving a lasting legacy for the area.

Successful Delivery

The key to the success of all project activity is to first establish a robust execution plan which includes a programme, communication protocol, commercial and contractual requirements and a flexible strategy to deliver them. We work with our clients and team of consultants to put the strategy in place, and then monitor and report against this baseline to keep the project on track.