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BIM integrated architectural design
From the very beginning of the project design process, we guarantee to fulfill your objectives and meet your expectations. Our team possesses extensive knowledge, experience, and training to ensure that even large-scale projects are executed seamlessly and efficiently.

Giorgos Papadimitriou is an experienced architect and the head of ANAX-ITG's project development and construction department. With a proven track record in designing and constructing building projects, he has successfully developed over twenty residential and shop complexes. Prior to his current role, Papadimitriou served as the head of construction at CHRYSOULA ZINA & SIA EE, where he oversaw the implementation of projects covering over forty thousand square meters.


ANAX-ITG's construction team

Over the years, ANAX-ITG's construction team has been involved in the construction and supervision of various projects, including tunnels, drainage systems, and roadways. Our team's experience and expertise allow us to handle a diverse range of construction projects with a high level of precision and attention to detail.